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Isn’t life strange? Our lives are full of surprises and we should make our decisions promptly.

Unfortunately, some decisions we make can be our downfall and we wish that we could rewind time to undo the decisions we’ve made.

But, what happens when we do have the power to turn back time and undo every mistake we’ve ever done?

That is the premise of the game we’re going to talk about in this article. Life is Strange is an episodic graphic adventure wherein you will play a game based on choices and those choices will reflect the outcome of the game.

The story of Life is Strange revolves around Maxine Caulfield (Max). The game starts where Max had a terrible nightmare. Her nightmare depicted a lighthouse where it was ravaged by a huge tornado.

When she woke up, she was already in one of her classes. Seeing that she needed to compose herself, she went to the bathroom. But, just when everything seemed normal, Max witnessed a murder of a girl.

In a blink of an eye, Max was able to rewind time. She wounds up back to her classroom and she immediately proceeded to the restroom in order to stop the murder.

It turned out that the girl who was about to be murdered was one of her closest friends, Chloe Price.

After saving Chloe, Maxine shared to Chloe that she had the ability to rewind time. Chloe was amazed by Max’s ability and she urged her to use it for something good.

The following day, Chloe convinces Max to experiment with her new found ability. They were in Chloe’s scrapyard and just when Max was trying to do her thing, she suddenly had a nosebleed and fainted.

The next day, they were back in their classroom when suddenly, the principal ordered everyone to go to the courtyard. There, they saw Kate, a schoolmate of Max and Chloe’s, on a rooftop, about to jump to her death.

Max accidentally stopped time and rushed to where Kate is at. She then convinced Kate to stop whatever it is she’s thinking of doing and she convinced her to get out of harm’s way.

Ultimately, Max created an Alternate Reality where Chloe was crippled and her father was saved (because Chloe’s father was killed due to a traffic collision).

Life is an episodic and graphic adventure game. You will control Maxine and you will play from a third-person perspective.

You can examine a number of things in game such as photos, clues, etc. You will have the power to go back in time (even for a bit) and undo the things that lead to a certain event (such as Chloe’s supposed murder). All of the items you’ve acquired before you go back in time will still be in your inventory, so do not worry about it too much.

If you want to know the beauty and the consequences of having to go back in time and undo certain events, then Life is Strange is a game that simulates that.

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