Gaming with the Nintendo DS


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When it comes to reliving out favorite past gaming memories, I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity. However, with so few originals being recreated for modern gaming devices, it can be especially hard to find your favorite games. That is where the Nintendo DS comes in.


The Nintendo DS is not the most powerful portable gaming device currently on the market. However, where it wins out is in its versatility. Though less powerful, the DS allows for many people to create third party software and hardware for the device, dramatically increasing its usefulness to the consumer. Sometimes, a merge of innovative software and hardware means we can make our own dreams come true.


The R4 card and similar cards are the hardware we need to focus on, and the first part to making retro gaming possible. The second thing we need is the software and games we want to emulate onto the DS. Where as people have used R4 Cards for everything from gaming to music, movies, and even e-books, we are interested solely in using it as a repository of our favorite games.



So then, what will we need?


We will need a Nintendo DS, 3DS, 2DS, or 3DS XL first if you do not already have one. We will also need an R4 card designed for whatever DS device you settle on. There are a number of cards for each device, and finding the perfect one for retro gaming only requires a short Google search.


In addition, we will need a microSD Card. This is because we will need additional storage space. A 16GB version is pretty cheap and a popular favorite. The final thing we will need is a NDS-compatible emulator. This lets us take the ROMS of our favorite games and make them playable on the DS.


In all the total price is around 250 dollars for everything from scratch. This can range from as low as 120 to as high as 400 depending on the kind of hardware you get.



Figuring It out From Here


The most challenging part is taking the ROMS you have, and setting up the emulator on the R4i card properly so that it can read the ROMS and play them on the DS. There are numerous guides that can be found to help you with just that.